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This page is for providers concerned with the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other troubling conditions.

We hope that you will check out our new 'Psychiatrist's Personal Assistant' EMR / EHR program, which was designed by expert clinicians to stream-line the practice of busy psychiatrists and mental health practitioners. With this program you can keep a host of patient records (including SOAP notes, progress, lab and medication notes), make immediate DSM 5 diagnoses, choose the best medications, write electronic prescriptions, keep appointments, submit invoices, do online free dictation, send referral notes, perform and score dozens of psychometric tests, and get instant access to all of the services offered by MedScape, MedLine, MPR, Epocrates, and MedicineNet. A complete glossary of useful terms is provided, as well as steps to take in a psychiatric emergency. You can even translate your notes and patient handouts into practically any known language. This is an indispensable tool, which has received outstanding reviews by Harvard and Stanford Medical School Psychiatry Departments. Try it out for free.

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